Visit us at Madison Well Expo Tooth Talks this Weekend

Have you been to the Well Expo?   We love the Well Expo and always learn about new health and wellness topics in and around the Madison area.  Madison Smile Solutions team will be there to represent our office with all the amazing dental knowledge and passion we have about dental and overall wellness.

Did you know your dental hygienist may be the most frequently visited preventative specialist?  What does that mean?  If you are in generally good healthy you may only visit your medical doctor 1 x per year.  You may have blood work done, a physical, or something of that nature.  However, most people do see their dental office 2-4 x per year for their hygiene visits.  

At your hygiene appointments, our skilled and educated dental hygienists are doing more than just a cleaning.  They are getting to know you and your overall health risks factors.  They are checking your medications.  They are screening you for oral cancer, taking x-rays to evaluate bone health, look for decay and anatomical abnormalities and screen you for gum disease.  Our hygienists also are looking at every individual tooth to check it's form and function.  They document this with photos so we can see changes over time. They not only are really getting to know your teeth but also getting to know you.  Together with Dr. Kaveh they help make a plan if you have any needed infection or restorative problems.  

At Madison Smile Solutions our team really enjoys bringing people to health.  We help patients with missing teeth be able to chew again through dentures or implants.  We boost confidence by enhancing smiles cosmetically with same day crowns and veneers.  We help treat headaches with bite/grind guards and Invisalign.  At the Well Expo, we will be speaking on two topics.  First, Saturday 1/20/18 at 1 pm Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi, DMD will be discussing Safe Mercury Filling Removal and Options for replacement and Joanna Hutchins, PA of Meridian will be discussing Heavy Metal Testing, Detoxification and Chelation from a functional medicine perspective.  Also on Saturday afternoon at our Smile Solutions booth from 12:30-4 pm, Kim Varian, RDH will be able to answer your questions about Endurance Sport Nutrition and it's affects on your teeth.  Do you Gu?  We do too! Find out what sports drinks and Gu (endurance sport nutrition) are doing to your mouth!  Look here for tickets to the Well Expo - we'd love to see you!

As you can see, at Madison Smile Solutions we try to go above and beyond a typical, routine dental cleaning.  We want to help you have the best smile and be the best you possible.  Stop by and introduce yourself or come to our informational talks to learn more, ask a question, or just to say hi!  Can't make the Well Expo?  Call today for your appointment 608-227-7000