Michelle Farino
Registered Dental Hygienist

How did you get started in the dentistry field?

I started in high school. My next door neighbor was a dentist and I asked him one day if I could shadow at his office. Before I knew it I was trained as an assistant. I worked for 3-4 years at that office. I’ve tried a few career paths in my life but I’ve always returned to dentistry, which is my passion.

What do you like best about your job at Madison Smile Solutions?

Everyday is a new opportunity to learn and challenge myself. I connect well with the patients and the staff and we all work very well together. I thrive in busy environments and take a particular joy in seeing our patients each day.

What do you think prospective clients should know about Madison Smile Solutions?

Patients at Madison Smile Solutions are a part of our family. We care about the person as well as the smile and we want the best for your dental health. For prospective patients who haven’t been to a dentist in a while, I want to tell them it’s okay to be scared, even if it’s been years. We meet you where you are at and take everything a step at a time. Your needs and wants always come first.

What do you do when you’re not helping to make smiles brighter?

I like to spend time outdoors biking, running, waterskiing, paddle boarding, or just hanging by the lake. On rainy days you’ll find me redecorating my apartment, doing crafts, trying out the latest recipe on Pinterest or settling down with a good book with a cup of Caribou coffee. Football is my favorite sport. I love the Green Bay Packers and the Badgers. I watch every Sunday during the season with as many friends as I can get to come over.


Sheryl Nieds
Registered Dental Hygienist

How long have you worked in the dental field?

I have 20 years’ experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist and 4 years’ experience as a dental assistant.

What’s traits should a good hygienist have?

My years of experience have taught me that listening is probably the most important skill. Good hygienists find out what their patients want then work with them to find the best solution and treatment plan.

Why did you choose Madison Smile Solutions?

Mostly because I think Dr. Kaveh is an exceptional dentist. He has the most ethical practice I’m aware of. He has great confidence in his ability to take care of his patients and brings a sense of calm and confidence into a room that you can feel. He’s my dentist and my family’s dentist and that says a lot because hygienists are the pickiest dental patients out there.

What’s your favorite way to spend your free time?

I spent every minute of free time I have with my family, usually doing something outdoors: swimming, skiing, hiking, biking or camping.

What words of advice do you have for new clients?

Talk to us, we’ll listen.

What’s the biggest difference between Madison Smile Solutions and other dentists?

Whenever we make a decision about the practice first thing we ask is “what’s best for the patient?”


Kim Varian
Registered Dental Hygienist

When did you get started in the dentistry field?

I started at MATC in Madison. I’ve had 25 years of dental adventures, from general dental assisting to hospital oral surgery and now hygiene.

Why did you choose to work at Madison Smiles?

We strive to treat our patients like family members. We never make you feel like a number. We listen to what you want and usually deliver the best dental care you have ever received.

What’s the most important work skills you bring to your job?

I strive to be the best at early diagnosis of periodontal disease. I prefer to take a holistic approach to care – if my patients have a headache, I can use peppermint oil during my exam to help make them feel better.

What’s your favorite way to spend your free time?

I am a softball coach for Verona Area Cougars with a lot of softball travel during the summer. I am also a runner and am currently training for the Chicago Marathon. It will be my first marathon.

What words of advice do you have for new clients?

We want you to be healthy and always understand ‘the why’ behind what we are asking you to do. We never want our patients to feel scolded, just informed.

What’s one thing about you that might surprise patients?

My teeth are really sensitive and I hate having dental work done. Thankfully Dr. Kaveh understands this and goes the extra mile to help me through my dental anxiety.

What is it about Dr. Kaveh that patients most appreciate?

I love the way he listens to what our patients want, and as a result they genuinely trust him. He will always find a way to address your comfort and concerns.

What one aspect of your job do you enjoy most?

There’s many! I love it when I can help a scared patient get through an appointment they weren’t excited about coming to. I love using the most up-to-date modalities of treatment to get my patients healthy. The best part is I get to watch them go through life and enjoy every milestone along with them.


Kortney Sperfslage
Lead Dental Assistant

What’s the best part of your job?

I love working together to help make a patient's day!  Or making people comfortable with their smile!

What’s the one most important trait for a good dental assistant?

I pride myself on being a good multi-tasker.  I am also great at anticipation.

What’s different about Madison Smile Solutions compared to other dentists?

We treat you like family.  

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I enjoy hiking and going shopping.  I love spending time with family and friends.  I love country music too!

What words of advice do you have for new patients?

A lot people feel nervous that their mouth is the worst we've ever seen.  But it NEVER is.  We enjoy a challenge and love helping people.

What do you think patients most appreciate about Dr. Kaveh?

He genuinely cares about our patients and he'll always make sure you know what's important.



Melodie Virnig


Clinic Supervisor