Madison Smile Solutions made me feel welcome and cared for from the moment I walked in the door. I also did not experience any pain and everyone was very patient assisting me through my anxiety. Thank you very much for all of your help!

- Cheri

Rock Stars…. all of you!

- Karolyn

Everyone there was awesome. It’s always nice to feel at home when I arrive. Friendliest place in the world!!!! That kind of atmosphere takes the fear out of my visit all the time :-) Way to go team, you wowed me again :-)

- Rolly

My 4 year old daughter fell off the monkey bars and landed on her face at daycare. The teachers freaked out. I freaked out. Dr. Kaveh did not freak out. He quickly and in a super fun manner checked out her (very slight) injury, reassured me it was fine and off we went to our next toddler adventure. Thank you Dr. Kaveh for always being there for our family!

- Andrea

I was impressed by how quickly the dentist completed my procedure. He stayed in the room from the time he gave me the shot of novocaine until the fillings were complete – none of this flitting from one patient to another that has happened at so many other dentists I’ve had. Then I was pleasantly surprised when, later this afternoon, Dr. Kaveh called me to see how I was feeling! It was just a routine filling, but he still took the time to check in. I thought that was great! I really feel cared about as a person at this practice!

- Mindy

I love going to Madison Smile Solutions. I’m always greeted by name and all the staff there are really nice and helpful. I would definitely refer a friend to go there.

- Eric

What keeps me coming back is the phenomenal customer service! Everyone has such a great attitude and my hygienist treats me with cheer, dignity and compassion. Nobody “wants” to visit the dentist, but I almost feel like I’m visiting some good friends every time I stop by for my appointment. I could not recommend these folks enough. :-)

- Scott

Best dentist ever!! Really, you have a great staff. Everyone I talked with was energetic and positive, which really makes a difference.

- Brian

As a hygienist myself, I should probably be the ideal patient. I am far from that. I had an unusual problem with an implant that previous dentists were afraid to tackle. I am also a terrified patient. [The staff at Madison Smile Solutions] was professional, caring and comforting to this scardy cat hygienist. Dr Kaveh tackled the dental problem others wouldn’t.

- Kim

You guys are amazing! I’m so impressed with everyone I have had interactions with at your office. Everyone is super friendly and professional. Thank you!

- Melissa

Really happy to have found Dr. Kaveh and his team. I’ve had bad, painful experiences with other dentists before and though I still don’t love going to the dentist, I definitely feel less anxious and know I’m in good hands! Thumbs up for Morgan!

- Vanessa

Having a healthy mouth & a great smile is very important to me. Dr. Kaveh and his staff have top notch chairside manner & are so gentle. Its very refreshing to have a pleasant experience at the dentist. Its not usually my favorite place to be. I was greeted with a smile & did not have to wait. I will absolutely be coming back for all of my future dental needs & will absolutely refer Madison Smile Solutions whenever possible. My teeth are almost all straight & will be done just in time for the new year. The invisilines were a breeze & the greatest thing was that I could take them off when I wanted to eat. Thank you!

- Jessie

Congratulations! You guys have figured it out. Friendly, positive staff, good business sense and no surprises as to what happens next. Have already started referring people to you.

- Ric