Tri 4 Schools is Something to Smile About

We are Madison Smile Solution, a parent-owned dental office, and a proud gold sponsor for Tri 4 Schools Mud Run 2016.  Over the last four years, we have developed a firm belief in Tri 4 Schools’ work in the community. Tri 4 School motto says, “Bringing out the champion in every kid.” We couldn’t agree more and the motto reminds us why we started supporting Tri 4 Schools. At Madison Smile Solutions, one of our mottos is “Bringing out the smile in every kid and keeping it healthy!”

As parents, my wife and I encourage our kids to do the Tri 4 Schools events because we believe in supporting our local community, whether it is from frequenting local businesses or volunteering at local events. We encourage our kids to live an active lifestyle, to be a team player, and to not give up.  There’s nothing better than seeing your child try something new and succeed. As a parent, it is such a joy to see their smiling faces when they get through the mud pit, cross the finish line, or when they fall down and get back up again with that “I’m not giving up” determination. I’ve watched on proudly as our kids participated in many Tri 4 Schools races, they are among the highlights of the year. Tri 4 Schools being able to support our local school while offering our kids the opportunity to be healthy and active is the reason why Madison Smile Solutions is proud to be affiliated with Tri 4 Schools.

As a small dental business, Madison Smile Solutions strives to provide quality dental care to the families of Madison. We appreciate the fact that our patients trust us to keep their smiles healthy.  My staff and I view your mouth as a window to your wellness. We take great care as we can see many health related concerns from your routine dental check-ups.  I’ve often said, “You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth.”  As a family practice, we see everyone age 1 to over 101!  We pride ourselves in making sure everyone in your family (your child, yourself, and grandparents) have a place they can get gentle, consistent, quality dental care.

I’m including some proud parenting pictures of our kids as they competed in some Tri 4 Schools events.  I love seeing those smiles on my kids and will watch as your kids partake at the Mud Run this year!  Please, stop by our table and introduce yourself or ask a question.  I would love the opportunity to see your smile and keep in healthy in years to come.  Or you can call our office today to schedule your family’s dental appointments, our number is: 608-227-7000.

Keep Smiling, 

Dr. Kaveh and Trish Ghaboussi

Smiling girl with mud in her hands.
Man running alongside a little boy.