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Tooth Colored Fillings

Nobody wants to hear they have cavities. You practice good oral hygiene to avoid cavities (tooth decay) and gum disease.

Fortunately, most cavities can be easily, quickly and routinely treated with fillings.

Fillings are routine dental procedures where a dental bonding agent or cement is applied to the surface of or to fill a hole of a formerly decayed tooth to stabilize and protect the tooth from further decay and damage.

Fillings are one of the simplest dental procedures which can often be done within a few minutes with little to no pain and discomfort.  

Amalgam vs. Tooth Colored Fillings

Traditional fillings were once made of a compound called amalgam.

These fillings result in an aesthetically unpleasing metallic look that doesn’t blend in with the rest of the patient’s teeth.

Besides having an unsightly appearance, amalgam fillings also contain mercury, which is toxic to the body and one’s health.

These amalgam fillings are still used today and offer the least expensive filling option but aren’t the ideal choice.

At Madison Smiles Solutions, we offer patients an alternative option for these fillings: tooth colored fillings.

Rather than being made of toxic, unsightly amalgam, tooth colored fillings are made of composite resin.

Composite resin are safer to one’s health, are durable and long-lasting. They also match the natural coloring of the patient’s teeth.

With tooth colored fillings, it is nearly impossible to tell if one has fillings.

We believe these tooth colored fillings are a safer, more aesthetically pleasing option for our patients.

With the potential health risks and possible allergic reactions to mercury, our dental staff are able to remove and replace damaged amalgam fillings with safer, more aesthetically pleasing tooth colored ones.

Whether you need to come in for a routine oral exam or you need your fillings replaced, contact us at Madison Smiles Solutions today to schedule an appointment.

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