An improper bite or crooked teeth can drastically affect the functionality of your mouth and the appearance of your smile. At Madison Smile Solutions we offer some effective solutions to straighten your teeth as quickly (and quietly) as possible.

Invisible Braces

Invisalign treatments are an extremely popular orthodontic option, especially for adults, because it is a nearly invisible way to correct misaligned teeth. It’s a simple process, and you can get started right away.

We begin by taking an impression of your teeth, and then the lab will create a series of custom aligners that gradually shift your teeth into the proper position. You can remove them while you eat, drink, brush and floss, and they’re barely noticeable when you wear them throughout the day.

Most patients find them to be comfortable, and they won’t irritate the gums, so it’s a great option for patients of any age.

Six-Month Braces

The change from a crooked to straight smile can happen faster than a lot of people realize. The Powerprox Six Month Braces® technique employs orthodontic brackets and special nickel titanium wires to move the teeth where they need to go. There are several types of brackets available, and in some cases some special elastics or springs may be used to move the teeth. 

Contact us today to discuss your options and determine which method will produce the results you want.