Start Spreading the Smiles!

Start Spreading The Smiles!

Did you know that a smile is literally contagious? It’s true. When someone smiles at us, our brain immediately tells the connected facial muscles that they ought to be imitating what the eyes are seeing. Before we know it, we’re all smiling at each other, even if we’re not too sure why.

In the coming months, Madison Smile Solutions is going to take this a step further and help people spread some more smiles, even if they can’t directly see each other.

Our first step is to let our patients and the people in our local area know they’re appreciated. Of course, we always appreciate the way our patients smile, but we want to spread some smiles further than that. We’ll start by handing out these special cards we’ve designed that include a space for them to share the things that make them smile.  

We want to make it easy for you to give someone else a great reason to smile. That’s what these simple cards are about.

Just take a moment to think back on some of the times when you’ve had the most reason to smile.

You’re probably smiling right now, just remembering it.

Memories can be like that.

Anyway, have you got that memory in mind? Now think of who was there to share that moment with you. They may have been the ones responsible for making you smile.

Maybe it’s time to return the favor.

These cards feature a simple statement: “You Make Me Smile”

When someone receives something like that, they can’t help but turn it over to find out why.

So who is it that makes you smile? Why do they make you smile? Was it a single experience, or do they brighten your day just by being around?

The best part is we’re going to make it fun for everyone to share the smiles. If you post your experience with these cards on our Facebook page, either as the giver or receiver, you will be eligible to win some fun prizes.

Go to to let us know how it went.