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Smile Direct, Smile Solutions, Invisalign...Oh my! Find out your Adult Orthodontic Options

Not sure where to go or what to do about your Smile Direct orthodontics? Find out how Madison Smile Solutions can help.

Why You Should Visit the Dentist in Nov/December!

Visiting the dentist now is the best time! Why November/December is where it is at for your dental checkups, cleanings, cosmetics, whitening, Botox, and or Invisalign! Don't wait call Smile Solutions now to schedule!

Botox at the Dentist?

Botox at your dental appointment? Find out how you can make the most of your time and leave the dental office with a fresh smile and rejuvenated, relaxed face.

The Next Generation of Braces

Ever wonder why so many kids AND adults are getting braces or Invisalign? Find out a great perspective from Sheryl, one of our amazing dental hygienists and now Oral Myofunctional Therapy Trainers. At Madison Smile Solutions, we treat adults who need orthodontics and also kids and adults for OMD.

Getting Headaches or Feeling Fatigued After Wearing a Mask?

Tips for Getting Headaches or Feeling Fatigued After Wearing a Mask

Oral Hygiene and Covid-19

Check out this article about dental hygiene and Covid-19.

Will the Tooth Fairy Still Visit if you Lose a Tooth during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Is it safe for the Tooth Fairy to visit during these Coronavirus Times?

Dental Emergency? When to Call your Dentist during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

When should you call your dentist or utilize our virtual consultation?

The Benefits of a Healthy Smile

Having a healthy smile is good for your body and self-esteem.

Unhappy with your Smile? Not sure what happens next?

Find out how you can see your future smile and if Invisalign or Adult Ortho is right for you.

Does SNORING Keep You Up All Night?

Interested in a better night sleep? Hate your C-Pap?

Are You or Your Child Suffering?

Look at our checklist to evaluate if you or your child may be suffering