• I wish my teeth weren’t so crowded
  • I wish my smile was wider
  • I wish my teeth were longer
  • I am embarrassed about my smile
  • I don’t like the gaps between my teeth
  • I don’t like my overbite
  • I wish I wore my retainer in college like they told me too
  • I wonder if I am a good candidate for Invisalign clear aligners

 Find out the possibilities at Madison Smile Solutions.

Most people that are thinking about Invisalign or adult orthodontics have two big questions!  



To get a clear answer schedule your  Pre-Ortho or Ortho Records appointment.  

What is that?

Pre- Orthodontic Visit: Your first visit to get started with Invisalign is collecting orthodontic records and typically takes an hour.  During this visit we take a photos series of your teeth along with 2 specialized x-rays. To complete your orthodontic records, we scan your teeth with a specialized scanner called an Itero.  Here at Smile Solutions we keep up with the best technology and now have an Itero scanner.  This scanner allows us to have a 3D scan of your teeth and skip the horrible impressions.  The Itero scanner allows for a faster turnaround of the simulation of your individual results and treatment plan.  The cost of this visit is around $225 unless you have insurance which may assist with this appointment.

How much? The investment in Invisalign ranges from $3700-6000.  We do offer payment plans along with Care Credit to allow people to fit it into their budget.  Some insurance companies do have adult orthodontia benefits which may assist in your out of pocket costs.  Dr. Kaveh and many of our team are currently wearing Invisalign or have finished.  We all know the value of a properly functioning bite. Our patients and team have been thrilled when completed.  Having a smile that bites together correctly and looks great is priceless!

How Long? Dr. Kaveh will utilize the 3D scan along with the photos and x-rays to create your future smile simulation.  This determines how long you will be wearing the aligners.  Most cases are 6-9 months but some advanced cases may take longer.  Aligners need to be worn about 22 hours a day allowing you to take them out for meals and snacks.  Once you approve your future smile, we are a go and can order your aligners to start in the next week or so.  

Invisalign clean aligners can enhance smiles in just months!  Call us today for a simulation of the what your possibility could be!  608-227-7000