Having a healthy smile is good for your body and self-esteem. A healthy smile is defined as teeth and gums that are well-taken care of, clean and strong. It creates a positive cycle where if someone feels confident in their smile, they smile more; and when people smile more, they feel more confident. Getting into this happy cycle is easier for some people than others, but it is possible for everyone because it all starts with a healthy smile.


Three Benefits of a Healthy Mouth


Taking care of the mouth is more than just for vanity’s sake. Cavities can create unsightly holes in the mouth, promote more decay, and even the loss of teeth. But this isn’t all just vanity; it’s about overall health of the body. While there are many benefits to having a healthy mouth, here are three to consider.

  1. Improved Mood. Smiling has a direct affect on the way a person feels. Smiling signals the brain to create a chemical reaction that actually makes you feel happier. Not only does it boost your mood, but it can also lower stress, improve a person’s perception on life, and boost the immune system.
  2. Attract People. People are naturally attracted to happier people. This is because people like feeling happy and being around happy people naturally helps boost the mood of the people around them. Others are also more likely to approach a friendly looking person than someone who looks unhappy.
  3. Improved Health. Having a healthy smile does more than boost confidence, it also improves the overall health of the body. A common sign of poor oral health is tooth infection and gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums. Sometimes this indicates problems in techniques, like brushing and flossing incorrectly, but it can also be an indicator that there is another problem in the body. Two examples of this are the correlation between tooth decay and a link between diabetes and gum disease and heart disease.


How to Have a Healthy Smile


Having a healthy smile is easier than you think. With all the advances in the medical field and in dental tools, it all still comes down to the basics.

  • The first step to having a healthy smile is brushing the teeth two times each day, for two minutes each session. Floss at least once daily. This helps control the number of bacteria in the mouth and keep the gums healthy.
  • The second step is to have semiannual appointments with a dentist. These appointments are critical because the hygienist scrapes off the harmful plaque from teeth and gives the dentist a chance to fix problems before they become serious.
  • Lastly, call the dentist if you are in pain. Since the body uses pain to signal that there is a problem, it is important to listen and act. Oral pain is miserable and stopping it early on can help avoid bigger problems and more pain.


When a person feels self-conscious about their smile, they tend to smile less. If you have missing or crooked teeth, those can be fixed. If there is a lot of decay, that can be fixed. Feeling confident in a smile tends to make people take better care of their teeth. It is another beneficial cycle for your mouth.

If you are interested in having these benefits and more from having a healthy smile, give our office a call. We love helping people regain their confidence and enjoy sharing their smile with others. When people smile more, it makes the world happier.