During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the American Dental Association has recommended that only emergency dental work be done and to hold off on elective treatment.  

When should you call your dentist or utilize our virtual consultation?  

What is a true dental emergency?

It can vary.  It usually means pain that keeps you up at night or swelling and can’t be controlled with over the counter medication.

A common emergency is when a tooth breaks. Old mercury amalgam fillings tend to expand and contract with temperature changes which can cause the tooth to break when chewing.  Sometimes the tooth will break but it won’t hurt.  During the coronavirus pandemic, if you aren’t in pain -it’s likely okay to switch to a soft food diet and chew on the other side.   If the pain is keeping you up at night, you have swelling or is getting worse, please use our virtual consultation (link below) or call us.  We can evaluate if you need to be seen in office.   Often times broken teeth can be smoothed or repaired simply with a new filling, a crown, or may need further treatment.  We’d prefer you to call us and discuss than be in pain or have swelling.

Another rare but occasional dental emergency is related to an accident. We’ve seen a handful of kids in the past, including our own daughter, that went over the handle bars and needed some dental work.  Many kids will be biking more and be outside playing which can lead to accidents.   We are parents and know it is concerning. Don’t hesitate to call us on our emergency line if needed.  

Another call we get is jaw pain or ear pain.  This can be due to clenching or grinding your teeth.  This is likely due to stress.  We often times will recommend over the counter medications, meditation and massage during this time.  When we are able to see patients more readily, hopefully in the near future, we can evaluate your occlusion to determine if the pain could be resolved best with a bite guard or Invisalign or Botox.

Finally, we often get calls regarding pain associated with wisdom teeth.  We do not remove wisdom teeth at Smile Solutions but if you are having a painful problem with a wisdom tooth we may be able to refer you to the oral surgeon.

We also encourage you to stay home and utilize our Virtual Consultations.


We want to reassure you that we are here for you and you can call or email us and we’ll be in touch soon.  during this crisis, we are hoping to have someone in the office between 9Am-Noon but you can reach dr. Kaveh on his emergency number at 608-332-1858.

We all want life to get back to normal and we will do that by taking this time in the next few weeks to breathe, chill and stay home.  Please take this seriously, as we are looking forward to seeing your smiles very soon.