When my grandparents were kids there was no such thing as braces or orthodontists.  The next generation came along and there were a few here and there that worebraces.  Mainly they wore them to correcttheir smile for appearance purposes. With my generation they started doing braces to correct bites.  Here comes the next generation with many wearing braces not just once but twice.  Why twice?


Many call it early intervention or 'making room' in a child's mouth for this generation of braced faces.  We find ourselves asking: Why do we need to make room?  Why does she not have room for her wisdom teeth after we made room? My kid is normal size, why isn't mouth the right size? Neither my husband or I had to wear braces, why all 3 kids?


We want answers or someone to blame, don't we?


Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi has been researching the answers for some time and asked me to get trained in Oral Myofunctional Therapy.  I took the classes and I was blown away!  I also, texted my teenage daughter in the middle of class that I was indeed right for having her adenoids out and insisting on advanced orthodontia instead of pulling a set of molars to 'makeroom.'  Before training I felt that many of own my problems of weight, snoring and now sleep apnea were somehow related to my braces and pulling of a set of molars. Again, I was right (love to say that;). And by the way, I too had to wear braces a second time as an adult cause my teeth shifted.  


It turns out that we do have something to blame and it's not us (the dentists or orthodontists.)  More often it's our environment.  Due to an industrialized world, our air quality has gone down since our grandparents were growing up.  This leads to breathing issues which leads to underdevelopment of our mouths and incompetence of our lips and tongues. In other words, if we were breathing right and tongue and lips were working in harmony they are natures braces.  The lips, tongue and cheeks make our jaw grow correctly and our teeth to come in perfectly. But more and more we are noticing there is a missing piece or something not working correctly and this is why we need to 'make room’ and have orthodontics. We see many adults needing a 2nd set of Invisalign.

Our goal in therapy is to get kids and adults breathing correctly and using there lips and tongues the right way to encourage the right growth.  The earlier we can intervene the better. Along with therapy, we now have removable mouth pieces that help to encourage proper swallowing and eruption of the teeth into the right spots. Not just for kids, we can still do the same for you!


If you do want to learn more, I'm happy to answer questions for you.  

Email me at info@madisonsmilesolutions.com

Can't wait to see what happens for the next generation!