✔ Sleep apnea/Snoring/Disrupted sleep


✔ Bedwetting

✔ Problems in school

✔ Lowered IQ

✔ Stunted growth

✔ Nightmares

✔ Crowded/Crooked chin

✔ Receded chin

✔ Day sleepiness

✔ Speech problems

✔ Anxiety

✔ Obesity

✔ Mouth breathing

✔ Poor posture

✔ Snoring or noisy sleep

✔ Night terrors

✔ Bed-wetting

✔ Runny nose

✔ Chronic ear infections or earaches

✔ Dark circles under eyes

✔ Tossing, turning or restless sleep

✔ Messy sheets and blankets

✔ Nail biting

✔ Crooked teeth

✔ Struggling in school

✔ Hard time focusing

✔ Tired or grumpy

✔ Sweet tooth or carb junky

Look at your child. Would you make multiple checks on the list? 

What a list right?  These are all signs and symptoms of the perfect storm.  The perfect storm is a combination of the damage our environment and diet have done to change the growth and development of our face and jaws.  Improper or open mouth breathing is typically the first disruption that leads to this storm.

Would you like a healthier and happier child that develops and grows at the right pace? Yes? 

At Madison Smile Solutions we can help! We can now evaluate, help coordinate care with other health care professionals, and do myofunctional therapy.

What is myofunctional therapy? It starts with teaching proper breathing. Think of it as physical therapy for tongue and the muscles in your mouth and face. If those muscles aren’t working right it can contribute to many of the above symptoms.

Myofunctional therapy teaches you through a series of exercises that work the tongue in conjunction with the muscles of the mouth and face. The exercises are pain-free and help retrain these muscles to function at an improved or optimal level with one of the main goals being improved breathing through the nose. For most successful results, typically, a course of therapy is prescribed for a minimum of six months.

To learn more about myofunctional therapy and its benefits call us at Madison Smile Solutions - 608-227-7000.