How to Save Money in 2017 by Being “Flex”ible with your Dentist

Crisp cool Fall weather makes many of us think all about the new school year starting, tailgating at Badger games, raking leaves, or getting things ready for winter. What you are likely not thinking about is what dental treatment you’ll need for the next year. After all, you have so much on your plate already and your teeth don’t bother that much.  Why should getting into to see Dr. Kaveh and looking at next year’s flex spending make your to-do list?

To save you money.

We all know that flex spending is a “use it or lose it” strategy to helping pay for medical related expenses. And every year that human resource person comes around with paperwork that’s so easy to ignore, or just go with whatever option you picked last which should help pay for those glasses that you need but not much else. What many of us don’t know is exactly how much of their income we’ll need to dedicate to our medical related expenses.  Sure, you know you’ll need new glasses or how much your medications will cost, but what you don’t know is that area the dentist has been “watching” has hit that point of no return and will finally need to be restored? What if you need two crowns and your insurance only covers one? Is one tooth more important than the other?

The strategy of a hoping things hold out for another year on a wing and a prayer can be a bit nerve wracking.  A lot of us will put up with avoiding eating things too cold, or too hot, or even avoid chewing to avoid pain. Why? Because your dental insurance won’t cover it? That strategy works great for the dental insurance company, but it does put a damper enjoying one of the best things about the fall, Halloween candy or Thanksgiving dinner.

What if you knew how much your crown cost and you could spread the amount of that crown over a full year and pay for it with income that was untaxed?

In Madison, a quarter of the average person’s income goes to taxes. What if you could use some of that money for yourself? Uncle Sam knows that taking care of yourself extends beyond what your insurance is willing to pay for, or that you may not have any insurance at all. To help with these situations you’re allowed to use tax advantage income to help pay for medical related expenses. Uncle Sam also allows you to spread that cost over a course of a year to make it more affordable for you.   

In addition, there are health benefits to get getting the treatment you need treated sooner rather than later. Dental decay is an infection that can spread.  Being able to eliminate and reduce the sites of infection can lower your decay risk overall. Also, untreated gum disease has long been associated with a long list of systemic health ailments from preterm labor to uncontrolled diabetes. When we give our smile the TLC it deserves and needs, the rest of our body is healthier.

At Madison Smile Solutions we work hard to help you find financial options to help fit your budget. Come see us for a thorough check up.

Together, you and Dr. Kaveh can help figure out a plan that will help make the pain free dentistry extend to your wallet so you can have the smile you deserve.