Does the Dentist Let His Kids Trick or Treat?

Does the Dentist let his Kids Trick or Treat?  By Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi

I’m Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi at Madison Smile Solutions, a proud dentist and even more proud to be father of two.  Our kids are age sevenand five.  People always joke that I must not let our kids EVER have candy or even trick or treat!  This year they will be dressing up as–Elphabot –the witch from WICKED/robot and golden ninja.  Who doesn’t love the idea of getting to be something new for a change plus scoring some candy?  Our kids are beyond excited!


That being said, I am not a fan usually of Late October weather.  Many years for Trick or Treating it’s rainy, cold and miserable.  The first year our daughter went door to door it was indeed freezing and we didn’t want to be outside either.  We told her since she was 3 years old – she could go to 6 houses!  This year since she is 7 and he’s  5– we do some fast math = 12 houses but we’ll like round up to 15 or 20 and I’ll seem extra nice!  That’s not quite going around the block.   In my opinion -since most houses give you a couple fun size pieces plus we always have some left over from what we hand out.  We will have MORE than enough candy!  I think I just recently found the stash hiding from last year!

Once we get home we look through all the candy and decide which ones we love the most.  I try to encourage our kids to keep the chocolate versus the sticky, gooey stuff like taffy or caramel.  They usually get to eat too much on Halloween and then each day for a week they can have one or two pieces (then nothing but broccoli!)  About a week out, the Switch Witch comes.  I found a version of this poem on line.  You also can buy a Switch Witch on Amazon if you want too.

Have you heard of the Switch Witch?

She’s hungry, spooky, and fat!

She’s on a hunt for candy

To feed her naughty cat.


After Trick or Treating

Pick out some things to keep

And then put them in a bucket

Sweets to swap in your sleep!


You might wake up and find a toy

Maybe some clothes to wear?

Something for your piggy bank?

Or a funny game to share?

Being a dentist and a parent is fun.   When I told our kids they could go to 12 houses, our daughter said, Great!  That Witch will be so happy!”  I would much rather give our kids a new movie or little toy than a mouth full of cavities.  We do see a lot of dental emergencies around the candy holidays –Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.  So please keep your kiddos up to date on their routine dental visits.    We typically see kids for cleaning every 6 months and check-ups.  We also see parents and grandparents.   So call today, before the end of the year, and make your families dental appointments.  We pride ourselves in taking extra steps to make sure your family has an anxiety-free and comfortable visit.  We really enjoy getting to see families and helping them keep their smiles bright and healthy.