Why Your Smile is Important Throughout Your Life

Your body undergoes many changes as it develops and ages. Gray hairs pop up, perhaps you have less energy, maybe you need a crown. Even if you take excellent care of your oral hygiene, it’s possible that you’ll still need some extra dental care as you get older. It’s common to need dental work redone, or have new dental work performed. It’s important to take care of these issues as they arise to keep you smiling confidently throughout your life.

How often do you smile? Do you smile more or less or the same as you did when you were younger? Studies show that children smile over 400 times per day, whereas adults only smile 15-20 times per day. We want to see you smiling confidently throughout your life. 

Benefits of smiling & having a healthy mouth:

1-      Smiling has been proven to improve one’s mood , attitude, perceptions and interactions with others. Smiling also boosts one’s confidence

2-      Smiling is a sign of joy, happiness and contentment. People are attracted to and enjoy hanging around people who regularly smile because these smiling people are seen as happier and more friendly than those who don’t smile.  Happiness, confidence, and friendliness don’t have an age limit. They can all improve you quality of life regardless of whatever age you are.

3-      If you’re thinking that having a great smile merely makes you feel good, here’s another benefit: improved health. Yes, the condition of your mouth affects the health of the rest of your body. Infections or disease in your mouth can be an indicator that something is wrong elsewhere in your body. For instance, there has been a correlation between dental health and diabetes and blood pressure.

How to keep your mouth healthy so you can smile confidently:

1-      Schedule your semiannual appointments. It’s important to have a professional clean your teeth and check to make sure there isn’t any build up and decay. Catching dental issues early can save you a lot of pain, and money.

2-      Brush and floss daily. You’ve heard it a million times. Brush twice a day for two minutes on each occasion, and floss at least once a day.

3-      If your mouth is in pain, call us immediately. We can get you smiling again in no time.

We love the patients we work with. Madison Smiles Solutions can suggest the restorative dental option to repair your smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.