Do I need Dental Insurance to See the Dentist?

This question comes up all the time!  We also hear, "I couldn't come in because I don't have dental insurance."  You actually don't need to have dental insurance to come in and visit the dentist.  In fact, about 40% of our patients don't have any dental insurance. 

One way we help our patients without dental insurance is our Confident Smile Program.  You are able to come in and see the dentist and hygienist for your preventative care and can receive a discount on any dental work you need.  Patient's love this because it spaces out the cost of their routine visits with low monthly payments.  You can find out more here.

Another way we help our patients without dental insurance is by offering and accepting Care Credit.  This is a credit card you can apply for that allows INTEREST FREE payments for 12 months.  Many patients love this too because they can get the dental work they need done now but take 6 or 12 months to pay it off.  You can simply apply online or at our office.

Finally, we also offer a prepayment courtesy discount when you pay with cash or check before the day of your appointment.  Since we go over costs ahead of time for any needed dentistry, you can simply mail or stop by and we'll extend this as a book-keeping discount. 

If you are thinking of getting a new dental insurance - PLEASE call us so we check it out for you.  There are a lot of loop holes in each plan that aren't always easy to see.  We'd love to do a benefits check for you.

We do accept cash, check, credit cards, HSA/Flex cards too.  Flex money and HSA typically needs to be used by December 31 or end of March of the next year.

Don't let the lack of dental insurance stop you from getting the dental care you need.  Dr. Kaveh and his team are waiting to help you get started or get caught up!