Teeth Whitening Options to Keep Your Smile Merry & Bright

Ever wonder which professional teeth whitening is best for you?

-MSS Whitening Club: This is a whitening club (we even have a contract!) for our loyal patients. You will receive custom made trays & 2 tubes of whitening gel. This is a nice option for touch ups or if you’re not sure how white you want your teeth to get. It’s controllable and you can choose what percentage of gel you want depending on your teeth sensitivity. The best part is, as long as you’re still coming to our office and keeping up with your appointments, you will be rewarded with 2 free tubes of white gel at each 6-month cleaning!  You're not cool unless you're in the club at your dentist, right?!?

-Quick-Pro Whitening Boost: Want to jump start the process or do you get too sensitive with trays? This type of whitening gives you a nice boost so your teeth get a few shades lighter. This
whitening option goes hand in hand with the White for Life so that you can reach your desired tooth shade faster. Quick-Pro is safe to use on most sensitive teeth & it even continues to whiten for a few hours after you leave the office!

*We do offer a bundle where you can do the Quick-Pro Boost and our White for Life Club Take Home Trays for our patients of record which is a great deal and value!

-Zoom! Whitening: This is our highest level of whitening. You will get results the fastest with this option. It is not ideal if you have sensitive teeth because it is such a high level of whitening. If you want to see results fast, this is the option for you! With Zoom! Whitening you will also receive trays to use at home for future touch ups.

Everyone's teeth are different.  So please keep in mind that there is no guarantee
of results. You may still get mild sensitivity no matter what option you
choose. Call 608-227-7000 for your FREE CONSULTATION or for any further questions (pricing) and to see if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening.  Keep Smiling!