Doing Something Because It Scares You…and It’s Good for You! By Kim Varian

Sometimes it’s hard step out of your comfort zone. I know that it’s hard to believe that we actually understand why someone would be afraid to go to the dentist.

I am a dental hygienist with Madison Smile Solutions. I am also Athlete of the Year for Tri4Schools.

Tri 4 Schools is a local organization established to give kids the opportunity to do an actual Triathlon, while raising money for local schools. These are kids from all walks of life. Some come from homes with everything while some come from homes with very little. No child is turned away. Imagine showing up to a race in a pair of jeans because you don’t own any shorts. You have to borrow a bike because you’ve never had your own. You don’t play any sports because your parent(s) cannot afford equipment, cannot get away from work and cannot afford the registration fees or lessons. You know that your friends have all signed up and it sounds like so much fun, so you dig in the couch cushions looking for enough change to sign up. You are terrified of what will happen at this race. You may have had very little practice, but you will be expected to swim, bike and run.

Thankfully, Tri4Schools also sponsors a class called Exercise to Achievement. Here you can get swimming lessons, biking help, running practice and strength and conditioning. There is also a social/emotional component that addresses healthy habits and even nutrition.

I wasn’t chosen to be Athlete of the Year because I am a great athlete. I was chosen because I decided to be brave. Every time I get in the pool, open water, ride my bike in the hills or go for a long run, I am afraid. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am afraid of, but I know that it is good for me. So I put on my stretchy clothes and do it! It is always followed by a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Every time I do it, I hope that someone else who is also afraid will see that they can do it too!!! Whatever “it” is…

In my thirty years of dentistry, I have seen some very brave people. We never know what your story is, but we would like to. Perhaps you were inspired by someone else who went to the dentist. Perhaps you are the one inspiring others?

At Madison Smile Solutions, we want to help you be brave! Maybe you have never liked the way your front teeth looked and have always wanted to change that but too afraid to ask? Maybe you have had a toothache for months but afraid of what that might mean? Maybe you thought that your parents both had dentures, so you have to have dentures too? 

Whatever fears you have, we can help. We want to help. So be brave and call us today. 608-227-7000.

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