All Smiles for Summertime!

It’s summertime!  School is out.  Summer heatwave kicked in.  This is the time of year when you start making summer plans- ballgames, waterparks, camping and TIME TO PLAN A TRIP TO THE DENTIST. 

Why is it the PERFECT time to come in for a hygiene appointment/checkup?   At the dental office, we think in 6 months increments and 6 months for now is December!!!  That means if you haven’t been in yet this year – NOW is the time!  That way you’ll get your two “free” cleanings if you have dental insurance.  Many insurance companies only pay every 6 months so get in now to take advantage of the benefit you’ve been paying for!   If you don’t have insurance, that’s ok too!  We have a no insurance = no problem program for you. 

Why else is it the PERFECT time to visit the dentist?  There likely are lots of weddings, graduation parties, reunions in your schedule as well.   What goes best with your summer tan…white teeth.   It’s often suggested that your teeth should be the same color as the whites of your eyes.   To feel more confident and maybe even a bit sassy this summer many of our patients are whitening up with our Madison Smile Solutions Whitening for Life Club. 

You can opt for the $99 Take home whitening trays and do the whitening at home every day for two weeks OR  upgrade to $179 Quick Pro whitening boost plus trays.(Prices vary if not a patient of record.) When you sign up for the club you also will get 1 tube of whitening gel at your cleanings for FREE.  This way you can keep your teeth looking bright and healthy.  Not everyone is a whitening candidate but we can check to make sure you get on the “white” path.

Adult orthodontics (braces) such as Invisalign are also a great way to improve your smile.  Trish, one of our hygienists, just started Invisalign to fix a slant of her teeth and help with clenching/grinding and migraines.  Sometimes we need to help your teeth get back in the right position to stop them from colliding.  Trish is wearing clear aligners that apply pressure to her teeth (much like brackets would) and each week or two she’s switching to a new aligner that adds a bit more of a shift.  It’s amazing how fast it starts to work and you see results.  Some patients can finish up their ortho in as little as 6 -12 months!  Whether it’s for aesthetics or function – adult ortho can be a great way to improve how you feel! 

Lastly, if you’ve been putting off that crown, implant, or fillings that you need – NOW is a great time!  You can often get a crown from start to finish in as little as 2-3 hours!  Many patients will take a day off and enjoy the rest of the day at Devil’s Lake or local pool.  You can be in and out of the office before noon and either back to work or off to garden, relax, or enjoy some golf/tennis? 

At Madison Smile Solutions we strive to help our patients have a truly awesome dental appointment.  Read below to hear what a recent patient had to say:

“My experience was wonderful. They treated me with dignity and worked with me to find the areas I need to improve on, all without resorting to shaming me. My cleaning was thorough and precise, yet far less tortuous than previously experienced. Heck, my cleaning was actually enjoyable. Have a seat and relax. You'll find that going to Madison Smile Solutions is a great first step to take towards a healthy relationship with your teeth.”  - Sara O.

Call Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi and the helpful team at Smile Solutions for you and yours today!  We'll help you kick off summer with a clean, white, healthy smile! 608-227-7000