New Year, New You? New Insurance?

By now, you’ve likely recovered from the shock that it is now 2018.  A new year often comes with a renewed resolve to be a better person. For most people, this better person is one who takes their physical health seriously by eating healthy meals and exercising regularly.

While this is always a great, noble goal, another resolution that compliments a new, healthier you is the renewed dedication to take care of your dental health.

You may have been overlooking your dental health or maybe you’ve put it on the back-burner because you’ve allowed your teeth and gums to get into pretty bad shape. The time and costs with restorative dental treatment to bring back to life your long-lost smile is more than you can handle.

Well, it’s 2018. Last year may have been one filled with excuses to avoid the dentist and neglect your dental health. Let go of those excuses and take charge of your smile.

Why not start 2018 off with the determination to begin with a smile? Put the old you, who was always frowning and refusing to show off any pearly whites, away and replace him or her with someone who has a healthy, brilliant, confident smile?

If your at-home oral hygiene routine is less than stellar, and you’ve let the daily flossing and teeth cleaning slide, you may need more extensive dental work done to bring back that beautiful smile you were once proud of.

Depending on what type of dental treatment is needed, you may have to schedule multiple appointments.

New Year, Fresh Dental Insurance Benefits

While we may not be able to get your teeth and gums back into tip-top shape in one day, at least you may not have to foot the bill.

Many dental insurance plans reset at the beginning of the new year, meaning all your dental insurance benefits have been reset and are available to use.  Why not use them to prevent more extensive and costly dental issues from happening?

Most dental insurance coverage plans cover twice-yearly teeth cleanings and examinations as well as other preventative dental treatment. Depending on what dental insurance plan you have, many restorative dental procedures may also either be covered or heavily discounted in price.

Even if you don’t have dental insurance, Madison Smile Solutions offers a variety of financing options to fit your family’s unique budgetary needs.

January and February are great months at maximize your dental insurance coverage’s benefits. The more preventative and restorative work you have done now to start 2018, the fewer dental issues and problems you’ll likely have to experience later in the year.

It is also never too late to begin taking care of your gums and teeth at home. The sooner you get back on track with proper, adequate at-home oral hygiene, the faster your teeth and gums can begin to heal and strengthen, making our job easier by possibly lowering the extent of dental work we’ll need to do.

Before 2018 progresses even further, consider investing in your oral health and make proper, at-home dental hygiene a priority.

The sooner your mouth gets healthy and restored, the more resistant it is to gum disease and tooth decay.  

Don’t let 2018 be another year where you conceal your smile. Start the year off by giving your smile the love and care it needs so you can get through the rest of the year with a beautiful, healthy smile.

A twice yearly dental exam and cleaning is an essential part of proper oral hygiene and care.

If it is time for your teeth cleaning and exam, contact us at Madison Smiles Solutions today to schedule an appointment.