Big Wigs Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Dr. Kaveh and Trish have volunteered to be BIG WIGS this year. It’s the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Organization.

What does being a Komen BigWig mean to you?

● Being a Komen BigWig means we’re committed to ending breast cancer by raising awareness and funds in our local Madison community.

● It means we get to share our passion for Komen’s mission with our patients, friends and local community.

Why Komen? What makes you feel connected to the cause?

● We are a dental office that focuses on dental and overall wellness. Most of our team is female so bringing awareness to breast cancer and screening is in line with our beliefs. We’ve all had a family member, friend and countless unbelievable patients fight the breast cancer battle.

● Your dentist and hygienist are often the person you see the most. If you’re healthy, you may only see you’re doctor once a year but most people see their dentist minimally every six months. We are your health care providers updating your health history and evaluating your risk factors for dental and overall wellness.

● Being a small family Madison business means we care about our community. Many people could pick a large dental chain to go to but when you come to Madison Smile Solutions we work hard to give you top notch customer service and care. We shop local and support small business and our community. We know that the funds we raise will be used to ensure access to essential breast health services and education programs in our patients, family, friends and community that are fighting this battle. 75 % of the money raised stays right here in South Central Wisconsin.

● We also know the funds we raise will also be used to support research to find the cures for breast cancer.

There are 7 Big Wigs in the Madison area all trying to raise money. What will be your competitive edge against your competitors?

● We’re positive that pink hair is best complimented by white teeth and big smiles! Something that’s a bit of a surplus around Madison Smile Solutions. Our team of skilled and talented dental hygienists and dental assistants are fun and truly care about helping people. They strive to make dental visits even more fun the mammograms!

● We like to see people smile so we will be enjoying this PINKTASTIC fundraiser.

Please consider donating to the cause. Our first donation came from a women who is in her 4th round of chemo for breast cancer treatment. She told us “Thank you for helping people like me.” Let’s not let people like her down. Please donate.

And check us Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi and Trish on NBC 15 as they talk about being Big Wigs and how you can help.