Get Dental Advice Anywhere With Virtual Consultations

If you asked people whether they enjoy going to the dentist office, chances are you’d hear a resounding “no.” There are many reasons why children and adults dread going to the dentist. For adults, their fear of going to the dentist can keep them from getting the preventative or restorative dental care their teeth and gums need to be healthy and look great. Many patients wait until something doesn’t look or feel right to schedule a dental appointment. Instead of compromising the health of their teeth and gums, these patients only seek the care of a dentist when they are in pain or discomfort.

Even patients who don’t have a fear of the dentist are reluctant to schedule a dental appointment because of potential cost and the inconvenient scheduling. Those that either don’t have dental insurance or have a plan with high copays can dread the potentially high costs of dental procedures they may need to have. As they try to shop around for cost estimates, they end up wasting more of their valuable time. Other patients don’t or are not able to set aside some time in their busy schedules and lives for a dental appointment. Many dental offices are only open during regular work hours, forcing patients to miss work and kids missing school. Additionally, the dentist often has limited availability so making an appointment way in advance is required.  If scheduling one appointment wasn’t enough, trying to schedule a follow-up or second appointment means more time and money lost. In addition, patients who are in pain or discomfort don’t want to wait for many weeks to get in to have their condition examined.

At Madison Smiles Solutions, we understand this fear, stress and frustration often experienced by patients. In response, we seek to better serve our patients and give them a more pleasant dental office experience. One way we do this is by offering our patients virtual consultations.

With virtual consultations, a patient simply sends an email to our Dr. Kaveh with a photo or video of the issue attached. Dr. Kaveh will respond to the email with a video of the probable diagnosis.

We think this is a great way for patients who would otherwise compromise their dental health because of fear, inconvenience or their tight budgets. With this new service, patients can get free professional dental advice without scheduling an appointment and they can communicate with D.R. Kaveh anytime, anywhere including in the comfort of their own home. You can’t get more convenient or comfortable than that.

The health of one’s teeth and gums are important in many ways. A healthy mouth works properly and looks great. It also helps save the patient time and money in future dental appointments by preventing oral health issues from either occurring or getting worse and a beautiful smile  can make one happier and provide a higher quality of life.

At Madison Smiles Solutions, we believe a beautiful, healthy mouth does so much for the patient. While we strive to do our part in providing friendly, efficient, convenient, effective treatment, we also encourage patients to be active in their own dental care and hygiene.

The longer patients wait to seek professional dental help, the more they compromise their oral health. The virtual dental consultations at Madison Smiles Solutions can remove the barriers of fear, tight budgets and time constraints that keep patients from getting the dental care they need.

If your mouth doesn’t look or feel right, try our virtual consultations today. In many cases the diagnosis will require an office visit. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Madison Smiles Solutions to schedule your appointment.